Plant Vs Zombies: Important Tips and Tricks

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Tips and Tricks

Concentrate on Sunflower planting

In Plants Vs. Zombies 2, sunflowers are crucial. In your garden, you have to keep lots of sunflowers to modernize all your plant purchases and defend yourself from zombies.

The key vs Zombies 2 hack plants is the maintenance and protection of at least two lines of sunflowers at all points with potato mines.

The sunflowers are the source of sunshine, thereby shielding them from the zombies at the back of your yard.

Don’t ignore Rooftop Catapult

Don’t forget to plant at least one roof catapult in your garden from our Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats. Such plants on the rooftop allow you to kill zombies.

Multiple rooftop plants, such as melon box, cottage box and kernel console, are available.

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Understand the Zombie pattern

Tricks are necessary when combating with zombies. Keep in mind that in trends zombies attack. Check out all the directions as you play for the first time.

Notice all the Zombie patterns, their assaults, their assault and their place of arrival.

Plant wisely when you are out of supplies

You’ll be out of the cash and plants at some points and have to select your plants carefully. These plants vs Zombies 2 cheats claim they use plants that have an area of impact so that they can cover the whole pool.

Some plants such as snapdragons, tripod, etc. will make the most for you. Using crops that have significant zombie impacts.

Complete the treasure Yeti level

You need to destroy the Yeti on your treasure level and only get the treasure to complete the game.

At this point, first, after killing Yeti, you are expected to do the other tasks to obtain wealth. Don’t assume you’re going to destroy the Yeti and your money. You’ll get some bonuses if you can kill him.

Replay Yeti level

You must wisely play by exiting the stage if you are about to lose the yeti level. You can get the opportunity to make new strategies to beat the Yeti once again when you restart this stage.

If you think you can’t knock down Yeti to a point and you’re going to lose your money, press the restart button.  Nonetheless, do not encourage Yeti to escape at any cost.

Use Kernel Pult against seagull Zombies

The best tool to fight seagull zombies is kernel pult. Seagull Zombies are challenging to defeat as they travel across the sea and strike their destinations.

As you have read before, the kernel console is the most potent surface plant that can trounce Zombies. Therefore, always use kernel pult.

Plant food for instant attacks

Using plant food to get immediate attacks if you need immediate action or your plants are cooling. This crop vs zombies 2 is excellent for cocoon cannons.

It is useful if you need plant support right away, but your plants are prepared for refreshment. It’d never wake them up too long, though. They are going to attack and recover.

The plants are the only rescuer of this threat to humanity when the planet is in disaster. Plant Vs Zombie 2 is another game based on this idea, which makes you think of the actual RPG strategy in the genre.

To give you some game plan hack for continuing the game without having an in-app buy-out, our guide versus Zombies 2 is handy. Whatever the gaming Community says, if you follow our Plants vs Zombies2, you will know it is not a payroll to win the game.