Matchington Mansion – Amazing Features You Need To Know!

A three-match puzzle game which allows users to improve their mental skills and reduce daily life stress. Fincraft studios create Matchington Mansion puzzle game for providing much enjoyment to game lovers.

The most significant benefit of the game is that one can perfectly play it on both IOS and Android devices. In the game, a player needs to match three puzzles for making their own empire and to pass various levels.

As everyone knows to play any game, there is a need for some currencies. In Matchington mansion there is need of two currencies to play the game and to renovate the mansion. Also, there are several uses of these two currencies-

  • Coins
  • Stars

Earning these currencies is not an easy task, as one needs to pass various hard levels and needs to do multiple things. But following such matchington mansion hack, tricks and amazing features helps a person to earn currency quickly.

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  • Connect with Facebook

Connecting with Facebook account helps a person to earn 500 coins once a time. With that, they can purchase new furniture for the mansion and can use it to replay the failed level. You don’t need to spend any money to connect the game with a Facebook account as it’s just free! Free! Free!

  • Different types of puzzles

When someone matches four pillows puzzles, then he/she gets a special firecracker. That firecracker can be used in destroying single direction pillows. It helps a user to pass the level quickly and get more coins.

Also not only matching four pillows, matching certain pillows allows them to get different types of unique balls. One can try the matching of different types of puzzles that enables the user to gain many benefits.

So we can easily conclude that using such tips and tricks helps a player to enjoy more.

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