Kinds Of Currencies Used In IMVU- Mobile Game!

Lots of virtual world game are out there by the game industry, and IMVU game is one of them. In other words, IMVU is a 3D virtual world game filled with multiple tasks and Avatars. It is offered for every single device like iOS, Android, and web browsers.

In the beginning, you need to customize your Avatar to make them attractive. As every Avatar play a different role so you can create a great personality among other online players.

When it comes to playing the game smoothly, one player needs to collect each currency of game in sufficient amount.

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Three types of currencies are used in the game to perform various tasks. For example, buying the latest outfits, chat with other users, and to visit much more locations you need to earn game currencies.

  • Credits,
  • Promotional credits,
  • Developer tokens.
  1. Credits are considered as the primary currency of the game. From this currency, one can buy many gifts, products in order to complete the activity. It is the only currency which passes from user to user. Daily spin is considered as the best imvu free credits hack. Also, by developing new avatars, one can earn credits in sufficient amount.
  2. Promotional credits are a kind of coupon equal to credits currency of the game. It can be used to promote the use of IMUV catalogs. One can use this kind of currency to acquire multiple dresses up items from the list. Using promotional credits, tokens can be vast for new users who need to get aware of all the features.
  3. Developer tokens are points awarded to a user for promoting and helping promotional credits to other players. When a single item is purchased by promotional credits, one will receive a developer token as an award. This currency can be used for offsetting submission fees besides to shout-outs.