How to Progress In Coin Master Game Faster? – 4 Simple Tricks

coin master gameplay progress guide

Coin Master is an adventure game introduced for iOS , Facebook, and Android platforms by Moon Active.

The set includes simple gameplay in which gamers need to spin the wheel for obtaining various methods.

You are the Viking king of your village in which you need to make changes by upgrades. Also, there are many village and islands are added where users can travel and can go on raids.

Coin Master Gameplay Guide for Faster Progress

When it comes to progress in Coin Master Game faster, the player needs to perform lots of challenging tasks. After completing so many bosses, levels and gaining essential items at the perfect time, they can get some success.

Well, there is no need to worry more, how to progress in Coin Master quickly because, with some master tips and tricks, it is possible. Paying attention to the forthcoming content helps you to understand all tips besides become the greatest player ever.

1.      Connect with Facebook after Passing Some Levels

Don’t try to connect the game account with Facebook in earlier stages as it may create some issues. If you want to play the game like a pro, then connect with Facebook after completing certain levels. In earlier stages, players are suggested to choose the guest mode. It helps them to understand the basics besides learn some techniques for winning faster.

Performing this work allow gamers to earn an array of benefits, bonuses as well as coin master free coins. Another advantage of connecting the game account with Facebook is that you can invite more friends to play the game.

2.      Use Pets Wisely

There are many pets added in the game which helps you during raids. For example, fox, tiger, and rhino are main animals which helps a lot. Foxy helps you to dig more spots while going to attacks. Tiger helps to double or increase the coins earned from raids.

On the other hand, rhino offers a superior protection to players village. After completing level 3rd, players can unlock foxy. Tiger can be opened by passing more bosses, quests, and challenges. In last, the rhino can be unlocked through completing the creatures card collection.

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3.      Play often

If players really need to progress in the game faster, they need to understand the basics as well as techniques. Try to play the game three or four times a day for understanding all concepts. It helps you to learn how to win more levels quickly or how to progress faster.

Playing the game often allow users to earn an array of knowledge besides benefits. Also, from it, players are able to get free 50 spins a day with the help of this in-game coin master hack for unlocking more upgrades.

4.      Essential items

Some items are useful enough, which helps you to protect your village, destroy other communities, earn more currencies, and much more.

Depending upon the things you got from spin the wheel system analysis the progress as well as game outcomes. Try to make all those items which explore many ways to win the fights or levels. mentioned below are some of those items

  • Hammer
  • Shied
  • Pig face
  • Game coins