How to Get Free Passes On Episode Choose Your Story

episode choose your story hack

Episode: choose your story is a very entertaining game by the episode interactive. This a simulation-based game available on the Android and iOS. This game lets you live the story of various in-game characters.

If you love to play the game with strategies of love, romance, adventure, thrill, and drama, then this game is only for you. The Episode gives you chance to live thousands of stories, you can create your own story also.

The Episode consists of only two main tasks that are playing and creating the stories.

You can create your own avatars and designs your outfits, you can make rivaling or loving relationships. This also works as a platform to publish the stories, you can write and publish your own stories on the game.

Episode: choose your story takes you from the various creepy situations. You can go through the stories which offer you all extreme situations. Here, we have some best tips and tricks for the Episode, that if you use them in your game then you can easily be an ultimate story player and the writer. So, go for those cheats and be the best story player of the Episode.

Top 3 Episode Cheats You Should Apply

  1. Save the diamonds and tickets

The diamonds and tickets are two currencies of the game. The diamonds or the gems are very hard to earn. The diamonds are useful to unlock the other stories, you need to pay somehow diamonds to open a new story.

By using the gems you can also get the various outfits for the characters if you log in to the game every day, you can get the gems as a reward. The tickets or the passes are important to open the new episodes.If you want to learn how to get free passes on episode then you can checkout the mentioned link.

Like the diamonds, you need to play hard to earn the gems and passes. If you log in to the Episode every two hours, you will win the tickets for free. You can share your stories with your friends. If you invite your friends to the game to read your stories, you will earn passes for free in episode by inviting them.

  1. Complete your episodes.

Play episodes as much you can, it is very simple to understand the stories. Just tap and go through the dialogues of the story and make some interesting decisions. If you play the stories in full of interest, you can understand the scenes of the story and then only can make some best decisions.

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Cleverly playing of the stories will give you the idea to create a story. To add the new stories in the episode, you need to complete the current story. Completing the stories of the episodes will allow adding your own story. When you end an episode, you will earn one gem, therefore, play as much as stories you can play.

  1. Promote your stories

Publishing stories is a very interesting feature of the episode: choose your story. Create your own story and fill it up with full of creativity. If you love to write a story, then write and add your story through the game.

But make sure that before publishing any story, configure it as an error-free, because thousands of other gamers will read it. Publish your stories on Facebook and Gmail friends, your stories are another way to earn gems and the passes from your friends as a reward.

So, that’s all about the episode: choose your story. We hope that these small tricks help you to play better and create amazing stories. Stay tuned with us for tips and tricks, how-to guides and more about games.