How to Earn Free Coins in DragonVale Game

how to get free coins in dragonvale

While online games are time pass for many, you might be in the group of individuals who regard the game much seriously. You might be looking about for tips and ways to make faster progress in the game.

For game-lovers like you, we regularly analyze the games and come up with useful information. The tips will help you to gain coins as well as make quicker progress in the game. Here are solutions to a particular doubt that you might have as you progress through the different levels.

Doubt clarification

If you have space on your island, you might be wondering whether you need any rare dragons now. Suppose you have a sun, a moon, a frosty, and a lyd. Now should you proceed to buy the Bluefire and rainbow?

  • Here is some data that might help you out in such a situation. The Suns and the Moons will earn 260 coins every minute. These are more of the mediocre producers. The rainbows and the leaps will be much better producers at 400 coins per minute. On keeping the Pans with full optimization ib your earth habitat, you can manage to produce about 411 coins per minute from each dragon. That comes to 1233 coins per minute for every habitat.
  • If the sweeping frequency is lower than 3.1 hours, then you can keep on adding the Pans. But a sweeping frequency above 3,1 hours will allow you to get more Leaps and the Rainbow dragons.
  • Yu overlooked another alternative, which we will point out. You didn’t even think of the Metals. But with a holding capacity of 125,000, these will be good contenders.
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So, the answer in a nutshell:

  1. For infrequent sweeping- Leaps and rainbows
  2. Moderate sweeping- Leaps and rainbows. Also the Magnetic dragons in the metal habitat

Frequent sweeping– 4 options.