Call Of Duty Mobile Load Out The Weapons And Compete


Latest Call of Duty Mobile has just arrived in the mobile game market with great hype. The Publishers kept the gamers waiting for the releasing, but it was worth waiting for this type of battle royale game.

In the mobile gaming industry, Battle Royale games are one of the best categories of game, and without any doubt, these games are best to attract the games in mobile gaming.

Call of Duty is a popular game, and before it was available in PC and Consoles platforms, and now Activision publishers have provided it for the mobile gamers as well.

Call of Duty Mobile has broken several unbroken records that other battle royale games had made. Millions of players playing Call of Duty Mobile and if you are a beginner than below some important tips are written.

Beginners guide to play

Call of Duty is already popular gaming in the gaming industry because developers have released many versions of it in other gaming platforms.

Now, if you just started to play it and don’t know much about Call of Duty Mobile, then I have some good tips. It’s an action shooting game, and in Call of Duty Mobile, players can play solo or with friends also.

Totally based on the battleground of shooting where players have to shoot opponents with amazing guns and bombs. Now some of the major things about the game are written below –

Find and Compete with Opponents

The only thing in the game that players have to beware of is opponents, and it is because opponents have the same weapons that you will carry.

In a battle royale match total, of 100 players are available, and every player is on their own. Winning is like a big achievement because it is not easy to be 1 in 100.

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COD is all about surviving and killing opponents with guns and strategy, and in this procedure, no beginner is perfect. If you want to be a perfect player, then you have to take care of many things, and finding opponents is one of them.

Choose a perfect place to land

At the beginning of the match, players will be given one minute extra to choose the place to land because the match of the game is too huge and just like a particular place.

Graphics of Call of Duty Mobile makes the game better and unique that is why choosing the right place to land is important.

Every player that plays COD has one common thought in mind, and it is that they have to land on a safe spot and then kills the enemies as they see and survive as much as they can to win a game.

Make a perfect choice of weapons

As I mentioned above that in Call of Duty Mobile lots of weapons are available, and every weapon has different powers and firing rate.

Well, at the beginning of the match, players will have their chosen weapons, and later, they can change their weapons as per their requirements.